R. E. Griesemer, Inc.
F i r e   P r o t e c t i o n   D i v i s i o n

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§  New Installations, Renovations, and Retrofit of Existing Facilities

§  Protection of Office, Retail, Medical, and Government Facilities

§  Protection of Commercial, Industrial, and Distribution Warehouse Facilities

§  Protection of Newspaper Printing, Food Processing, and Cold Storage Facilities

§  Wet Pipe and Dry Pipe Systems

§  Preaction and Deluge Systems 

§  ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) Sprinklers

§  In-Rack and Pick-Module Fire Protection

§  Standpipe and Fire Hose Supply Systems

§  AFFF Foam, FM200, and COSpecial Hazard Suppression Systems

§  Electric and Diesel Driven Fire Pumps

§  Underground Fire Mains

§  Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks